Laser Technician

Hair Removal Expertise Training

Crafted to international standards, by studying hair removal, you can have jobs and professions in the most popular field of the last century in the beauty industry;  You can start your own business.  As a result of the training, you can work as a qualified, certified "EPILATION EXPERT" who is knowledgeable about epilation and depilation.

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What is Epilation and Depilation?  , Definition of Depilation, Purpose of Depilation & Indications, Contraindications of Depilation, Epilation

Document Types of Epilation, Rules of Epilation, Indications of Epilation and Contra Indications, CONSIDERATIONS AND ISSUES TO BE CONSIDERED IN EPILATION4

DocumentLaser Types, Ideal Patient Profile and Expectations, Ipl Photo Hair Removal, What is Ipl Photo Hair Removal?  , Hirsutism and Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal5

Document What is Electrolysis System, Needle Hair Removal Rules, Gel Hair Removal, Effect of Gel Used, Hypertrichosis, Hair Growth Periods, Bulbs Hair Root, Layers of Skin33

DocumentMarketing-Sales Presentation -Sales-Marketing / Relations, Human Relations and Customer (Care Therapist) / Expert Relationship, Hair Removal Specialist / Beauty Therapist and Master Relations, Operator / Management, Entrepreneurship / Cosmetics Market8


Needle Hair Removal

Waxing Depilation

Laser Hair Removal

Devices Ipl photo Epilatian  Deod laser






Price 990.00  $