Junior Skin Care Specialist

By participating in the "Skin Care Specialist" training prepared in international standards, you gain the ability and authority to make skin analysis and care of others as well as investing in your own skin.  You can work in one of thousands of cosmetic companies or in pharmacies, beauty centers and establish your own business with the documents which are equivalent in abroad.

What is Aesthetic, Classification of Cosmetics, Cosmetic Chemistry, Acid and Alkali, Mixed Skin, Normal Skin, 29

DocumentSkin Care Application Rules, Importance of Face Massage and Massage on Skin, Hygiene and Health Information Rules11

DocumentHealthy Balanced Nutrition Table, The Relationship Between Nutrition And Skin Health, The Link Between Organism And Skin, The Link Between Hormones And Skin, Genetic Factors And Link Between Skin 4

DocumentLeather Diseases And Cosmetics, Cosmetic Skin Defects, Sweat Gland Diseases And Skin Defects, Skin Diseases And Defects Due To Pigmentation, Allergy, Skin Anatomy18

DocumentPresentation-sales-marketing / relationships, relationships with skin care / beautician / beauty therapist and master, skin care / beautician / beauty therapist and colleagues - relationships with colleagues, entrepreneurship / cosmetics market,

Young Mixed Skin Spot Care (Skin Scruber)

Sunspot CareOily Mature Skin Deep Care

Revitalizing And Lifting Skin Care

Acne Skin Care

Normal Skin Deep Care

Mixed And Oily Mini Skin Care

Dry Skin Deep Care

Consultation Skin Analysis

Skin Consultation And Analysis


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Skin Care Specialist  level 2 512 hours  

Price 495.00 $